Friday, February 20, 2015

Beauty Product Review: Brows

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Finally, I have a new eye pencil to try out. This is going to be interesting.

My friend Roma and I went to The District Mall Imus yesterday to hang out and bond. We went to the department store to check for makeup and we bought items from Nichido. I was looking for a new eyebrow pencil because I am running out of my San San Kohl Eyeliner and the eyebrow pencil that I bought from Saizen. I loved the Nichido Minerals/Precise Eye Pencil in Chestnut but the shade is too light for me. I asked the sales assistant about what color would go well with my hair color and she recommended their eye pencil in 802 Medium Brown.

 I really love Metro Department Store's paper bag

I have tried darker shades like a dark brown and even black so this is not new to me. Since my hair is darker this is going to be a good shade for me. I loved Nichido's eye products such as their kohl eyeliner and their liquid liner that I really adore. I have high expectations with this eye pencil. I have a post about doing the perfect eyebrows here so check it out.

❣ it glides on smoothly
❣ the color is perfect with my hair color
❣ it does not break easily
❣ I love the packaging

swatch without flash
swatch with flash

❣ none

Definitely a 5 out of 5 because of the color pay off and that it glides on really smoothly. The color is really perfect and I will repurchase it for sure if i run out. The color at the end of the pencil matches the lead color as well. This is why I love the brand because it doesn't fail me and delivers perfectly.

It is so fun to try new things and this is a great product to try. Thank you so much for the love, God bless all of you!

"Our hearts are drunk with a beauty our eyes could never see."
— George W. Russell

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