Sunday, March 9, 2014

Review: Korean Eyebrow Pencil

|image from: weheartit|

The eyebrows frame the eyes so we really need to make it look as close to perfect as possible. I always line my brows because I have very sparse eyebrows that are almost bald. Unfortunately I ran out of my Elf Eyebrow Powder Duo in Medium so I had to buy an eyebrow pencil. It is a good thing that my parents and I went to Daiso/Saizen at The District. I immediately went to the makeup section and browsed through the products that they have. They usually sell Japanese makeup but I saw this cute eyebrow pencil which has a cute packaging so I bought it.

|I used my new phone to take the photos (Samsung Galaxy S Duos II)|

The eyebrow pencil comes in different shades: Black, Natural Brown & Brown. I chose the brown one because my hair is lighter now. (I forgot to mention that I dyed my hair again) I thought it was a twist pencil but when I opened it up it is just a pencil liner. I love the packaging, it is so cute. The products in that store has pretty packages, especially their makeup products

|the packaging reminded me so much of Spongebob, just like my blanket|

I did swatches to check if the shade is okay, it looks darker though but I will give a try still. Compared to the pencil liners that I had before, this is longer and darker. We went to the chapel to hear the mass, I had a good chance to try the product. Whenever I am drawing my eyebrows on I bear in mind the Golden Ratio for eyebrow lining.

I always keep my brows defined and natural because I don't want them to look fake, especially with the fact that I don't have brows to work with. I do light strokes so that it won't have any harsh lines. Since I am not using brow powders anymore, I draw the lines carefully because pencil liners are harder to remove than with powder.

|here are my brows using the pencil liner|

What I like about it:

First of all, it is quite cheap since it is only 88php at Daiso/Saizen. The color pay off is very good and I just needed a few strokes to line my brows. It is not irritating at all, which is a plus for someone with sensitive skin. Since it is a longer pencil, it is easy to use.

What I don't like about it:

So far I have no negative thoughts about the pencil liner.

The Verdict, Yay or Nay:

It is a Yay for me, the product exceeded my expectations. I will definitely repurchase this if i run out. I may even make it as an alternative for my Elf Eyebrow Powder Duo in Medium. If you have any Saizen stores near you, you should definitely try this product.

Thank you so much for reading this post, I hope that you will consider this product. Thanks for the love! God bless all of you & stay gorgeous!

You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow.
-- Jack Black


  1. I love how you did your eyebrows muffin, soo perfect! Inggit aqo. :) I definitely want to try that, the packing is so cute too! I missed you, happy to see new blogposts! =D

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo


    1. thanks muffins, it took a lot of practice
      before I made it perfect.


  2. Hi Keyti,

    I really love your beautiful Blog. Would you like us to follow each other via GFC ?
    If yes, just follow me and let me know so i can follow you back

    1. thank you dear,
      I will check out yours too.


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