Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tutorial: How to draw your Eyebrows

image from weheartit

This will be a post dedicated to our brows. I have been very intricate with drawing my brows on since I barely have any. I searched the net for tutorials about how to do it properly. Am hoping that this post will be very useful for all of you.

Our eyebrows frame our eyes and face. The way it arches indicates your personality, that is based on what I have noticed. The color should be close to your hair color or it may look off. Based on what I found on the internet, if you're blonde go one to two shades darker than your hair color; brunettes should go one to two shades lighter; and if you're a redhead, picking the right intensity and tone is key.

Now that we know about what color our brows should have depending on our hair color, we will now go to what arch or shape they should be depending on the shape of our faces.

Here is an image showing the shapes of the brows and the faces.

image from weheartit

The next photo will be about how to draw them on.

image from weheartit

1. Start with lining the bottom part of the brows.
2. Start the arch of the brows by lining the top part.

(The beginning of the brows goes from a straight line from the side of your nose. The arch should be from the tip of your nose through your pupil. The end is a line from your outer nose through the outer eye corner.) []

3. Fill in the brows using brow powder or the pencil.
4. Shape the brows using a spool.
5. Clean up the edges using concealer.

I also use these technique when I am doing my brows. I shape it depending on my mood actually. There are times when I have a strong arch and some days when I have softer brows. Hope that this post became a huge help. Let me know about how you draw and shape your brows.

Thank you so much loves. God bless all of you.

Stay fab!


  1. very lovely and useful Keyti!!!
    I miss reading your blog posts!!!
    I'm glad to hear from you again :))

    love lots,

    1. thanks dear.
      i missed doing posts as well,
      glad you liked it.

  2. yay im doing the right thing haha ^^


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