Tuesday, May 8, 2018

#JERWINbundleofJOY, a wedding to remember

Hello there! I will be sharing the second wedding that I went to this month.

Here's another wedding post for all of you. I attended my girlfriend's cousin's wedding last May 2 in Pampanga. I was personally invited by her cousin and even her mum. I felt like I was a part of their family already. It is like I have been a part of their circle for a long time. My girlfriend and I have been together for 10 months now and this wedding is a major part of our relationship.

I went straight to Porac after my May 2nd shift, which is after Bei & Paolo's wedding (blog about this will be posted soon). I am so tired but I don't want to let Trisha's family down. It is always an honor being invited to a wedding and I get to have an excuse to dress up and doll up.

I first met Kaka & Jer last month when I visited Trisha. What I love about my girlfriend's family is that they are hospitable and friendly. When I met this couple, I felt like I am automatically a part of their circle. I was personally invited by Kaka to attend their wedding which I gladly said yes. I even helped them pick flowers, gave her advice on what shoes to wear and the like. I never felt so welcomed by a partner's family before.

I decided not to dress up that much on the day of the wedding. I was supposed to wear a dress that I bought online but opted for something simple because I will be taking photos of the event. I am not an official photographer nor a professional but I was asked by Trisha to take photos so that they have a copies of their own.

images found here

They stayed at a hotel in Clark which is 30 minutes away from Porac because there are no hotels in their place. When I saw the photos of the couple, I was in awe. The dress that Kaka was wearing is so lavish that it reminded me of a royal wedding. I mean, every girl needs to be a queen on her wedding day and the designer really delivered. Jer looked dashing in his suit as well, a perfect pair for his queen.

You can see Kaka smile even in the smallest ways during the whole ceremony. I can also see Jer giggle when he sees his wife-to-be. The love between these two is evident and that is how a wedding should be. It took them more than a month to prepare for the wedding and everything went according to plan. There were small hiccups but nothing major that can ruin this special day.

images found here

I wasn't able to catch Kaka walk down the aisle because we came in late. I loved how the flowers were arranged for the ceremony, and the quotations next to it just added romance to the arrangement. I wasn't expecting that Kaka will be in a ballgown and the way it fits her is superb. She looked like a princess. You can see the happiness in both of them when the ceremony started.

images found here

When they were having the exchange of vows, everyone were giggling whenever they mention their endearment for each other, "baby". So far, this has been the happiest wedding that I have been to. The couple are jolly and you can see, and feel, the happiness of people around them. I love how genuine everyone is in this wedding.

not the best photographer but I am proud of my shots

The reception was held at an events place at the back of the church. We waited for the couple for an hour or so since they still have to finish the post nuptial shoot, which I understand. I loved that everything was organized.

from upper left: Trisha, Bryt, Tintin & Tita Weewee
from lower left: Mama Kata, Daddy Rafael, Benok & James

The event was also a rare opportunity that Trisha's family is complete so we took advantage and took a photo of the moment. Benok is part of the NCAA basketball league in the Philippines (LPU Pirates) and rarely comes home because of training and school, hun asked me to take this photo as a remembrance that he came home and celebrated this event with them.

sorry if this one is too dark

I don't have a photo on the event but that is okay, I enjoyed taking their photos. I wasn't able to take a photo of me and Trisha as well, but that's fine. I had fun and am very thankful to be a part of their family. I am looking forward to more events with Trisha's family. I am so lucky to have met all of them, they are nice people.

That is pretty much all I can say about Nikka & Jerwin's wedding. It was exhausting for the couple, I can say, but they had fun and their hardwork paid off. Congratulations to the newly weds and wishing you both a happy life and a happy family in the future.

           “Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.”
— Unknown Author

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