Saturday, August 12, 2017

Caught the K-Drama Bug

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My office mate was addicted to watching K-Drama and she finishes a series in one sitting. She was an avid fan of Korean dramas. She insisted that I should try watching just one of the dramas and said that I would love it, I wasn't convinced. Then Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo was shown here in the Philippines, I got curious and decided to watch one episode and when I realized it I was able to finish the whole show.

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This is a story of a girl whom majored in weightlifting. She is having conflicts with her love life and her sport. Bok Joo, the main character, had a crush with Dr. Jung who is the cousin of Jun Hyeong. She saved money to be able to afford being enrolled to Dr. Jung's weightloss clinic which she had to keep as a secret. There was a conflict between Bok Joo and Si Ho, Joon Hyeong's ex girlfriend, which led to Bok Joo's secret being exposed. She took a break from weightlifting and went back with Joon Hyeong as her boyfriend. It is such a cute story that is why I liked it a lot.

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I just adore how good the story was made. It makes me giggle whenever Bok Joo and Joon Hyeong are together. They look so cute together and they are a real life couple too. I also loved the way the characters were dressed. If only it our weather and climate is the same with Korea, I will sport Korean outfits all day, everyday. The Korean fashion is so unique and so fashion forward that many people are wanting to dress just like them.

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K-Dramas are just like our stories, they are pure and true. We relate to what is happening to the characters and we feel for them. The way that these stories are made is exceptional and with the aid of great landmarks and places, you are bound to get hooked.

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In connection with my addiction, I would want to try the fish cakes that Bok Joo was eating on the series. I saw an ad on Facebook that there is a K-Drama inspired food stall in Makati and I am meaning to go there and try it out myself. I want to have the greatest K-Drama experience that I can while I am here in the Philippines.

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Korea is one of the countries on my travel bucket list and I want to visit it next year. I need to save money for it and 

"How you finish is as important as how you start"
— Professor Yoon, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

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