Thursday, June 15, 2017

Movie Night Checklist: Essentials courtesy of Pure Flix & Keileidoscopic

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Planning on doing movie night with your love, family or friends? Let me help you get ready with this checklist.

If I was to plan a movie night, it will be with my friends. There is nothing better than enjoying a fun movie with people whom you can be crazy with. I will list down the things that I will do to during a movie night with friends. Let's get into it!

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What movie?
I would choose Finding Dory for the movie because it has a roller coaster of emotions and there are tons of lessons to learn. Basically, it is about a Blue Tang named Dory who suffers from short-term memory lost. She was asked about her parents and she started seeing flashbacks leading to where she came from. She started the journey back to the Jewel of Morro Bay, California or the Marine Life Institute where her species is bred. It was an unpredictable adventure but she found her family in the end.

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What food to serve?
I would serve popcorn, chips and cola during a movie night. Especially with friends, there will be a lot of movement because I am pretty sure that there will be hugging, jumping and the like while watching a movie. Snacks should be handy and easy to eat. You can be messy but it can still  be easily cleaned up unlike pasta. haha

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Where to watch it?
I'd say in my room. We can setup a fort of some sort and then do a DIY movie screen. I saw a DIY using just your phone, a shoe box and magnifying glass. It looks legit and I am pretty sure that this trick will work for this movie night. 

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