Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Step Into The Music

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Good day!
It has been forever since I last posted something on my blog and I apologize. I have been busy with many things but I hope that I can take time to make one post a week.

This time I will be introducing the Vox Joe Satriani Satchurator Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal. What is it? It is used by musicians to distort sound while performing. It adds effect to a performance and will make it sound more awesome than acoustics.

Musicians doesn't just use something that is low quality and randomly buys it. They have to be with the trusted brand and a well-known name in the industry and that is where the Vox Joe Satriani Satchurator Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal comes in the picture.

"The Satchurator is the most musical, most dynamic, multi-function distortion pedal I've ever played through" says Satriani. The pedal is well thought off so you can trust the quality and performance of it.

Making music and performing isn't always based with just the performer, it's with the equipments that they use too. They add life and body to the whole ensemble.

Thank you for all the love!!! God bless all of you!!!

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