Sunday, September 13, 2015

OOTD: Tropicana

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It’s a late OOTD post so forgive me. haha.

I was with my girlfriend looking for an apartment last July and look what month it is. This is such a late post because I forgot that I took photos in one of the apartments that we saw. It looks like a hotel but it was too expensive for us so we decided to move on and look for more. We were able to find a place that is just right for me, my girlfriend and her daughter. It is a room but has its own bathroom, which is great because I don’t like to share a bathroom with people that I don’t know. I am renting it for 4,000php a month; electricity is 12php/kw and 120/head for water.

So far, my life away from my family is doing okay. It’s not perfect but it is more convenient. I get to sleep for 9 hours a day and I get to leave the apartment at 6:30 PM because it only takes me 5 minutes to travel, 30mins max if it’s super traffic, but that is it. Yes, I miss home and my cats but I have to be independent and learn to live on my own, well with my girlfriend too. We learned to save and be thrifty. It is challenging but life changing.

Work has been exhausting lately, the queue is so tiring. You only get to breathe for 5 seconds and must be ready to take the next call. I am learning a lot and this is testing my patience which is seemingly unusual. I am such a moody person and surprisingly, I haven’t been irate not even once. If a customer tests my patience, I put myself on mute and breathe and go back to them calmly. Been learning a lot and patience is one of my biggest assets now.

So this has become an update with my life and such but yeah, I am just so random at times. My life turned 360 degrees and so far I am liking the change.

Thank you for all of the love and support. God bless all of you!

"Some people say I'm not a very pretty woman, but I'm a very beautiful woman inside."
— Anne Ramsey

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