Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fashion Post: My Swimsuit Collection

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I will be sharing my swimsuit collection, I won't be wearing them because my body isn't beach ready yet, but I love my body am just too shy to show it. haha.

As you all know, it is summer time in the Philippines and we are all getting ready to hit the beach. For this post, I will show you swimsuits that I've collected over the years. I just wanted to show my little collection and tell stories about each item as well. I had my fair share of fun in the sun and I hope that this year my family and I will be able to go out and enjoy the beach again.

yes, I took photos from behind. hahaha.

This first pair was bought 10 years ago (if I remembered it correctly) when we were in Boracay. My mum and I thought that it was sold for 150php, when the vendor handed it over to us he repeated it louder and said it was for 1,500php. We weren't able to haggle and just bought it. It has great quality though, it lasted for that long. I was able to wear this a couple of times but am too shy to show it though. haha.

sorry for the blurred photo.

This pair was made for me by my mum's friend. Unfortunately, the shorts are too tight for me because this girl has too much junk in the trunk. Although the bottom part is a fail, I really like the top. I asked for a string so that I can keep it up because I don't trust strapless anything. I don't have those huge booms so I needed some support. The color is bright and bold red, which is one of my favorite color too.

I purchased this pair some time last year. It was from a shop on Instagram. (which I already forgot) I bought it for 490php which I think is a good price for a pair. What made me buy it was the print. It seems so vintage to me and the string to hold it up is another part of it that I love. I guess this is a flattering suit for me because it doesn't show to much but is sexy enough.

This striped ensemble was a recent purchase from an online shop too. I bought it for 390php and it's such a steal. I love the way that it drapes because it does not reveal the booms. It is so chic but conservative at the same time. It is that basic black and white stripe but the pop of pink on the bikini and the string on the top adds zing to the ensemble. The cut outs on the bikini also adds a hint of sexy as well. I wore it once on our team building in Laguna. I wanted to wear it again because it is my favorite suit to date.

Those were the bathing suits that I have, the last one was my favorite. What was your favorite amongst the four pairs that I showed? Maybe next time I will be brave enough to actually wear these and take photos, soon my dearies, very soon.

Thank you so much for for letting me share this collection with you. God bless!

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live."
— Jim Rohn

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