Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tag Post: My Wishes TAG

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Here is another tag post that y'all can do, have fun!

So I stumbled upon another TAG on YouTube and I want to try it out myself. I will be tagging everyone who will be reading this post to do it. I saw CutiePieMarzia do it and she actually made this herself. It intrigued me so I watched it and I liked it a lot, so I decided to do the TAG. I hope that you will enjoy my answers.

The Questions
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❥ What do you wish you knew when you were younger?
     I wish I knew that swallowing gum is bad for your stomach. I can't help it, I don't know.

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❥ Where do you wish you could live?
     I wish I would've lived in Canada or in Japan. Both countries are interesting to me, well both have four seasons if I am not mistaken or I could be wrong but I just love the culture in these countries most.

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❥ What is one thing you wish you could do? 
     I wish I could do cosplay. I admire people who take so much time with making their costumes, practicing routines and such.

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❥ What would you wish to be better at? 
     This has been a wish for quite a long time already, I wish I was better at finishing things. I am always afraid and gets tired easily then I will quit. I never finished anything so I want to achieve it this year.
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❥ What did you wish to become when you were little?
     When I was little, I can still remember my speech on my graduation day, when I was in pre-school, that I wanted to be a doctor. As I grew older it changed and now I am not sure what I want to be. I am still thinking about it and I want to make sure that I will be making the right decision.

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❥ Is there anything you wish you could change about the world? 
     I wish that there are no wars, just peace. I know that it is a cliché but the world will be a better place to live if people are at peace. No war that divides us, just respect and love. That will be such a good world to live in.

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❥ What is your "biggest wish"? 
     That the LGBT community will be embraced and accepted by the society wholeheartedly. As per what Pope Francis said, "When I meet a gay person, I have to distinguish between their being gay and being part of a lobby. If they accept the Lord and have goodwill, who am I to judge them? They shouldn’t be marginalized. The tendency [to homosexuality] is not the problem…they’re our brothers." If he can accept us, why can't the whole world do the same? Is it hard to accept us? Just asking, I don't want to lengthen this.

So there is my take on this TAG, and I hope that I will hear from all of you about your post. Thank you so much and God bless!

"I think that the Bible teaches that homosexuality is a sin, but the Bible also teaches that pride is a sin, jealousy is a sin, and hate is a sin, evil thoughts are a sin. So I don't think that homosexuality should be chosen as the overwhelming sin that we are doing today."
— Billy Graham

"I think people feel threatened by homosexuality. The problem isn't about gay people, the problem is about the attitude towards gay people. People think that all gays are Hannibal Lecters. But gay people are sons and daughters, politicians and doctors, American heroes and daughters of American heroes."
— Hollis Stacy

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