Wednesday, February 11, 2015

TAG You're It!

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So I made my own TAG, I hope that you will enjoy this!

I just thought of making my own TAG post because I love doing them so why not make my own. I was thinking of what title it will be or what should the content be. The title of the tag is The One Thing That I Can't Be Without TAG. How did this came to mind? This just popped in my head because there are things that I can't live without in different situations and I will be including 5 scenarios. I just hope that this TAG will go global, that will be such an achievement.

original photo found here

Here are the rules of this TAG:
Place the photo of the TAG with your post.
Answer the questions that are included.
Choose 5 bloggers to do this TAG and let them know that they are nominated.
Don't forget to thank the person who tagged you.

➀ What is that one thing that you can't be without in your make-up bag or just your bag?

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   This is a give away, of course a lip balm because of my chapped lips. I can't live without it in my bag or in my pocket. I just got to have a lip balm with me everywhere that I go.

➁ What is that one thing that you can't be without when you are on a date?

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   A huge smile of course. The first thing that you're date will notice is your face and you should flash those pearly whites.

➂ What is that one thing that you can't be without when you are out with your friends?

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   My phone, so that we can take photos. Bringing a camera is so inconvenient especially if you don't have a digital camera so having a phone with you is very convenient. If you have a good camera phone, you will be able to take awesome photos with your friends and will be able to post it right away!

➃ What is that one thing that you can't be without whenever you are feeling under the weather?

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Definitely coffee. It keeps me warm and coffee boosts my mood especially when I am sick (which I am now). Whenever I have sore throat or fever, I just needed a cup of coffee and I am good to go. it might not be able to make me better but it certainly hypes me up. There is nothing like good coffee when you are stuck in bed.

➄ What is that one thing that you can't be without when you are going on a vacation?

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   Whenever we are going on a vacation, I can't be without sunglasses to protect my eyes from the sun. Here in the Philippines, it's mostly sunny so you really have to bring one with you all the time. Especially if we are going to the beach, this is such a life saver.

Here are 5 bloggers that I chose:
 Christine of

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post my dearies! I had fun making it and I hope that you too. I also tag all of you to do it and let me know once you're done with the post so that I can read it also. Thank you so much and God bless all of you!

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