Friday, February 13, 2015

Lip Balm Review

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Here is another edition of my lip balm review for this year.

I got curious with beeswax lip balm that when I saw these at Saizen I bought them right away to try them out. They have a simple packaging which is typical for a lip balm. It was sold for 88php since items in the store are either 66php, 88php or 99php. The product is quite new to me which is the Chap-Ex Bee Naturals Beeswax lip balm.

About the product:
0.15 oz plastic dispensing tube. For dry chapped lips. Compare to the ingredients of Burt's Bees.

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Moisturizes and Soothes
  • Rich with Nature's Goodness

❣ getting two for the price of one is awesome
❣ it doesn't sting my lips

❣ the mint in the balm is so strong that it leaves a nasty after taste
❣ it DOES NOT glide on smoothly (very comparable w/ a glue stick)
❣ it is too sticky that when you use it, the product will completely collapse and be out of form

I am giving Chap-Ex Bee Naturals Beeswax a two out of five stars because of the fact that it got ruined while I was using it. It seems like it is good for sensitive skin but too much mint threw me off. Compared to my Maybelline New York Baby Lips lip balm that glides on smoothly without huge chunks of the product chipping off of the bullet, this lip balm is not on my repurchase list.

This was quite a unique review and I will be doing more soon. Please do give me suggestions and thoughts as well if you have tried this product. I would want to try Burt's Bees soon once I get a hold of it. Thank you so much dearies, God bless all of you!

I know you lie
'Cause your lips are moving
Tell me do you think I'm dumb?
I might be young, but I ain't stupid
— Meghan Trainor, Lips are Moving

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