Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fashion Post: Ms. Kei wore what?

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I got inspired with one of my favorite YouTube gurus, Jenn Im, who has a series called What would Jenn wear so I decided to do one myself. I hope that this will help you and see what my kind of style is. Enjoy!

Every girl has their own style and I will be sharing mine to you. This is a series that I will call Ms. Kei wore what? This is going to be a daily read on my blog and I wanted to add new content that is why I decided to do this. Jenn Im inspired me a lot with styling and coming up with an outfit that will fit me and my personality. I hope that this series will inspire you as well.

To start off this series, since most of us are working girls, I will be doing an office wear post. These are outfits that I would wear to work or what I've worn at work. You will be able to see how I put together my office wear every day.

The first look is a comfy outfit that I would definitely wear myself. I chose black jeans with a white button down shirt that has black details which made it so chic and classy. Since I wanted to be comfortable at work, I chose black ballet flats. A messy bun and natural make-up finishes this look. A simple watch as an accessory adds bling to the look because I don't want to wear a ton of accessories at work.

This is a classy outfit that is perfect for office girls that love to look glam. This combines class and office glam in one. I love wearing stripes and this is not an exception. I paired this striped skirt with a flowy cream top. Of course it is cold inside an office so putting a thick cardigan on does help. With soft curls and natural make-up with a bold red lipstick, this look is stellar.

I wore this one time when I was looking for a job and this helped me a lot. It made me look professional but I was comfortable at the same time. I never liked outfits that are too tight that I feel uncomfortable especially if I am going to an interview. This is also a perfect look for office girls because it has a collar which is a must in the office. Comfy flat shoes is also helpful for those who have an active office life.

Who said that wrap dresses are just for bosses? Well every girl is a boss in their own way. Remember the song of Fifth Harmony, Bo$$, that is validation of who we are. I paired it with a bright blue blazer because every outfit needs one item to kick it up a notch. I kept the shoes subtle with these black peep toes. Your make-up should be a statement too, like a bold eyeliner which shouts boss.

This last outfit is so fun that you can wear it in a night out with friends or even a date. I paired this striped off the shoulder top with a pretty skirt with a bow. These preppy Valentino shoes are stunning and will definitely turn heads. A simple ponytail and nude lips will be a good combination for this look. It is simple yet chic because of the make-up look and those shoes.

Those are five outfits that I put together to show you what I would wear to work. How about you? What do you wear to work or do you have anything in particular for office wear? Let me know okay?

Thank you so much my loves, God bless all of you!

That's me, I'm confident
Don't want yo complimments
Use common sense
I'm on my Michelle Obama
― Fifth Harmony, Bo$$

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