Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Beauty Product Review

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I love cheek tints and this is another version of it, I hope that you will enjoy reading this post.

My mum bought a new blush because she ran out of her Pretty When Pinched Lip & Cheek Tint in Pink from Bench. She was asked to try the Blushing Gel in Red from the same brand and she purchased it. It is different from the blush products that I have tried because this came in a squeeze tube, like a toothpaste. It retails for 128php and it contains 10ml or 0.34 fl oz. It can be used as a blush, a lip color and even as an eye shadow, pretty cool for such a little container.

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Product Description:
The power to brighten up your glow is now at the touch of your fingertips with this Paintbox Blushing Gel. Add some hint of color to your no-make-up look.


Product Claims:
❥ easy & quick to apply
❥ makes your skin glow & look healthy
❥ non-sticky
❥ long lasting
❥ oil free

❣ it is so easy to apply
❣ it is not sticky at all
❣ you can control the amount of product you want to use
❣ loving the matte feel of the tube
❣ it is very affordable
❣ you can definitely use it for a long time because you will need just a pinch and the color will look awesome on you

 oops! I squeezed too much of the product on my hand
with flash
without flash

❣ so far none.

This deserves a five out of five because a three in one small bottle is such a steal for that price. It is lightweight and it can fit all sizes of make-up kits. I will definitely purchase one for myself once I run out of my Nichido cheek & lip tint. I will recommend this for starters too because you can control the amount of product, use a sponge or your fingers to apply it, it's that easy.

I enjoyed this product and I hope you enjoyed reading all about it as well. Thank you so much and God bless!

Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul. 
— Alice Walker

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