Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Music runs in my blood

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You will be hearing noise, so I will apologize.

I have been singing for the longest time and I owe it all to my parents. I hear them sing all the time and I grew to be a "singer" just like them. I tried to join a singing contest when I was in grade school but I did not perform on stage because I was too afraid to do so. I am always scared of performing in front of many people when I am alone but I work well in a group, which happened when I was in college.

I made this a few years back for father's day because I didn't have any budget to buy my dad anything so I just decided to record a song and make a video using our photos. He liked it a lot that he had teary eyes. I love how my dad appreciates even the smallest things, that is how humble he is.

Our house has all sorts of music or sound related equipment. My dad has speakers, amplifiers, sub woofers and more. He is addicted to sound systems that the he would come home with a new equipment every other week. He was even planning on making a mini cinema but it is still in the drawing board.

If i were to give a gift to my dad it will be a speaker just like what I found at Eminence. I found great speakers in their website and they also have guitars too. It has been up for quite some time now and you should definitely check them out for awesome music finds.

That was so random, but thank you so much for putting up with my noise. God bless all of you!

"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain."
— Bob Marley

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