Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ms. Kei's Wishlist

edited image from Tumblr

Another wishlist which I hope I can attain.

I will be sharing this list for you my dearies, I think this has been a part of my blog annually and here is another one for you. This is a list that is very much attainable for me because I have seen these items already and has been eyeing them ever since. Do you know that feeling that you can't sleep until you get that one thing? That is the feeling that I have right now. Once I buy some of the parts of this list I will do an updated list.

The first item in the list is a necklace. I lost the one that I have, my mum bought it for me from Avon, I have no idea when and where I lost it. It is a Roseark inspired sideways cross necklace in gold. I just love wearing a cross because it gives me a sense of safety. (that is why I bring a rosary with me everywhere I go) The subtlety of this piece made it a part of my list because I am not into extravagant items.

actual item found HERE

The second item is a pair of pumps that are so adorable. I am not used to wearing heels but these are so pretty that I can't resist wanting to buy them. It reminds me of something that women wear from way back and since I adore vintage or retro things, this pair will be on point.

actual item found HERE

You all know that I love cats and these tops are so adorable. I know this is a cliché but I need these in my life! These are so cute and the cats' faces are so cute too.

actual item found HERE

I want to own another bag and it is in beige. I don't own a bag that is beige, it is mostly bag, so it's going to be a different thing for me. It is called the Kenny bag and I love the studded design. Studs are part of my wardrobe for years now.

actual item found HERE

I loved my Joni inspired jeans and I want to own another pair. (or even more than a pair) I want a white pair of these high waisted jeans because you can pair it with anything, black will be okay too.

actual item found HERE

I also see people wearing this clothing item, the kimono. I love the flowy fabric and the designs are so pretty too. It will go well with anything, very versatile indeed.

actual item found HERE

I cannot leave the house without wearing a watch. I love boyfriend watches but this one is quite different with what I have in my collection. It is a gold watch which is digital and not in analog. I love how vintage it looks too.

actual item found HERE

Lastly, I wanted to have a new phone and a telecommunication company here is still offering plans that includes this. It is the iPhone 4S, I know it is an older model but am fine with it. i just wanted to experience having an apple gadget.

image found here

That is my wishlist, I just needed some elbow grease and more motivation to be able to achieve all of these. I just love making wishlists, it boosts my mood. I hope to get all of these by next year. Thank you so much for reading, God bless us all!

“Sometimes things become possible if we want them bad enough.” 
― T.S. Eliot

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