Monday, August 11, 2014

Cat Photography

Since I have spare time, I decided to take photos of my cat and here they are. I must warn you, this post is photo heavy.

I have been obsessed with cats for quite a long time, since I was a kid when we were living with my grandmother in Bulacan. I started having a cat in 2011, his name was Bebi. Unfortunately, he died last July 16, 2012. (details here) After his death I decided to take care of stray cats and my cat family grew from then. I lost a few cats, one got lost literally, but even though I was devastated I still loved the cats that remained with us.

My brother has a camera, a Canon 600D, and he allowed me to use it to take photographs for my blog. Recently he bought a new lens for his birthday, it was a 50mm lens which takes good close up shots. We have our cats in a catio, which is still in progress because we have yet to put up the shelves for them and I placed a ladder as a make shift bed, where they sleep, eat and a separate space for them to go.

Here are my sample shots:

Thor is such a slacker
Percy the Pergal
Xiam the Siamese
Jake: Who goes there?
Thor always hangs out with me inside the house

Those where the shots that I did using the new lens for my brother's camera. I will soon post other shots using the lens included on his kit.

I love taking photos of my cats, do you like taking shots of your pets too?

Thank you so much for the love, God bless!

“One day I was counting the cats and I absent-mindedly counted myself.”
― Bobbie Ann Mason, Shiloh and Other Stories


  1. cute photos. Just came across to ur Blog. it’s lovely. I’m following u. recently I have started my blog n I’m quite new at blogging world. I wld be glad if u do visit my blog nd show love by following me. It wld be ur kind appreciation. Hav a nice day…Xoxo.

    1. thanks dear Suraiya.
      I will check yours too.

      Ms. Kei

  2. i have a fear of cats :O but they're quite cute

  3. Awww.. cuteness overload muffin!! They all look so adorable, great job taking the photos.. came out really great! :) Xiam eyes are just so beautiful!

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

    1. thanks muffin,
      I just love taking photos of them because I want to
      keep memories.

      Ms. Kei


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Thank you so much for all the love!

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