Saturday, August 25, 2012

Farewell to My Beloved Cat

He was that sweet little kitten that i found in the middle of the street one night. He was calling out for someone, i was there, willing to pick him up. Although my parents insisted on throwing him away, I was persistent enough to take good care of him. I gave him milk, fed him, and watched over him. Me and my brothers were taking turns on looking after Bebi, he cries a lot but eventually outgrew it and became a strong kitten.

He was the sweetest, after he was given a bath he'd always lie next to me and sleep. I'll miss everything about him. Wherever he may be i hope that he is happy. He has been more than a pet, he was my bestfriend.

Bebi was our stress reliever, a playmate and a companion. He was the best pet someone could ever have. My cousin said that he saved one of us from being sick, was thinking that it was me because i have hepatitis B and according to the vet he died from inflamed liver.
On the night of the 15th, he was extra sweet to me. He lied next to me and insisted on being there. After an hour he walked away from me and slept on my leg. It was almost four in the morning when my mum woke up and heard rustling in the far side of their bed, was sleeping on the floor then, dad took Bebi and saw him having a seizure with his mouth bubbling. Dad took him to the living room to try to revive him. i went back to the room to get my phone and call the vet but then Dad came back in and said that Bebi was gone. i ran to the living room, took Bebi and held him, trying to wake him up and my tears started flowing down my face. Dad woke my youngest brother up and we all cried because of our loss.

We took a shoe box, laid a white towel inside and his favorite toy with it. We laid him there , he wasn't even able to close his eyes on his last breath. We buried him just outside my room because i don't want to be far from him. He was my first pet, he was my companion and he listens to me.

We will really miss you Bebi, no one will ever replace you. i promise to take good care of Jackie, Finn and Jake for you. We love you Bebi.

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