Monday, June 9, 2014

Feature: Alapaap Clothing

|edited image from: Alapaap|

Here are some of the Merchandise from That's My Tomboy 2nd Grand Finalist Sky Teotico.
I met her twice, and the second time that we met was my chance to see her up close. I already did a feature post on those events here if you want to read more about it. Anyways, she is now selling her own line of clothing that has unique prints that she designed. She is a freelance graphic artist that is why her line really intrigued me.

|image from|

So far they only have three items and here is the link to their shop:

|images from: Alapaap|

The most interesting part about this shop is that she is the one who does the meet ups and she personally informs the clients about their orders. I was surprised when an unknown number sent me a text and it started with "Hi Keyti. This is Sky." I had to stop myself from screaming, I was to my brother so I was well behaved, she just confirmed about the meet up for the shirt. She was even nice enough to be there personally to confirm that there will be a delay with the shirts, which was no big deal for me, I am patient so that is just fine. I even had the chance to have a photo with her. I will surely purchase from their shop again, the experience was priceless.

|say hello to my ugly, oily face. HAHA.|

The thing is that it is quite rare to see people who are famous being this humble and down-to-earth. She has been one of those celebrities (or people whom you've seen on tv) that still bonds with their fans and consider them as friends. She even treats her fans whenever they have a meetup. She is such the sweetest. Her expression when I gave her my gift was priceless. Until the next meet up Sky!

Thank you so much for reading my post my dear roses. God bless all of you! Stay fab and gorgeous!

Moving on is not about the time. Moving on is learning the lessons without stoning your heart with walls and thorns.
And lastly, moving on is getting ready for the next story to tell, absorb, and understand.
-- Sky Teotico


  1. omg! nice ung mga designs ng tshirt ang hirap pumili. :) She's gwapo! :3

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  3. Wow, those are such great selections! the graphic t-shirt looks so simple but attractive.

    Read my latest post:


  4. The designs are cool and unique. And wow, lucky you to have met her! :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  5. So lucky that you've met her! She's so gwapo!! :) Nice to see Filipino bloggers here :)
    Vianne x

  6. Awesome shirts muffin, i like the prints! Cool photo too, you look so happy =D

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  7. cool blog!
    nice to find yours =)
    be friend?

  8. Oh very interesting!

  9. Thank you for sharing. I love your posts and the beautiful photos! <3 <3 <3. And followed your blog. Welcome to visit:

  10. awesome post! follow for follow? xx

    1. thanks dear gabriella,
      glad you liked it.
      of course i will follow your blog.

      Ms. Kei

  11. love the snapback! lucky you to meet her :)

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