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Embracing the LGBT World (Officially a TMT Groupie)

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Warning: This is a photo heavy post.

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My girlfriend and I went to an event in Muntinlupa last April 5. We thought we were late but we arrived just in time for the first acts to perform. It was an event with the That's My Tomboy finalists, they are so adorable and friendly.

The first performers were Dorina, Khen, MM and Concon. They sang a few songs and then danced after. I wasn't able to take good photos since were seated at the very back of the crowd. My girlfriend and I were too shy to take photos up close with them.

There were also performances from Apan, whom made the crowd go gaga. She was so cute and she danced pretty well. Her voice was a bit low that is why it was not audible even though she was using a microphone.

The other candidates there were Kim, Nicky, Phao, Pau, Kat, Crenzy, Rhaz, Em-Em, Ken, Clar, Sky, Mon and Rio. They danced to a lot of songs. We had fun watching them perform, they were awesome.

Kates performed alone, she is the Justin Bieber of the pack. She sang a couple of songs and performed a few dance routines. It was just like a real concert. She was so nice to her fans too. I just don't like the fact that while she was performing, people are swarming the other candidates at the far end of the complex, which was very unfair.

Crenzy performed a solo as well. She was a very good dancer and she sings too. She wasn't feeling well that day though but she still did her best.

Nicky also performed a solo, she is the kpop idol in the group. She performed a couple of kpop songs which really brought the house down.

Dhanz also performed, I wasn't able to take photos though. She danced to a couple of songs as well. She was with two of her friends. Am not sure but after the performance she immediately went home.

There were performances from the No One Knows Band led by Shin, who sang very well, sadly I forgot to take photos again. Since I was saving my phone's battery that day. A rap group from Muntinlupa and a girl trio (w/ two lesbians) whom the crowd loved.

We weren't able to finish the program since I needed to leave early. When we were at the bus, sitting comfortably, Crenzy and Rhaz were on the same bus. My girlfriend waved at Crenzy and she waived back, she was so nice. When they got off the bus she waived at us again, Rhaz did not.

Sadly, the event was not as good as it was. Why? They had to go to the police station to report the organizers, they were promised that they will get paid and that it was for a good cause but they did not receive anything. Kates came all the way from Isabela (up north in Luzon) and she needed that money to go home. I wasn't able to know the other details but I hope that everything went well. All them were able to go home which is good to know.

The first lesbian event that I went to was a blast! I want to go to the next one and take more photos and videos. I really had a great time, especially with the fact that I was with my girl, which made it more memorable. Even though they had trouble at the end, the ladies (lesbians) had a great time performing.

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My girlfriend and I went to Centerstage Morato on April 12 to watch the Sing & Jive 2 Show of the That's My Tomboy candidates. We went with her friends who owned the place. They were very nice to pay for our entrance, which is awesome. I got the chance to watch the show, see them sing and dance, I even took photos with some of them. My girlfriend had the change to took a couple of photos with most of them.

So far, with the experience and events that I went to am contented with the life that I have chosen. Being a lesbian doesn't always have to stop with a relationship or an event. it is a choice to embrace the possibilities of being happy with your own sexuality and being.

Have you ever gone to such events? Let me know.

Thank you so much for reading this loves. God bless all of you and stay gorgeous!

"We were born to be true, not to be perfect."
-- Epey Herher (First That's My Tomboy Grand Winner)


  1. I love how you warmly embrace your sexuality and accept the real you Keyti. You're such an inspiration :)

    btw, I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award in my blog :)))

    please do check it out if you have time,and of course, thank you for inspiring me. For a moment you brought sunshine in my life as you made me smile :))

    love lots,

    1. thanks tin, I have been loving my life right now
      embracing my sexuality brings out a better me.
      thanks for the nomination btw,
      glad that I made you smile.

      ❥ Ms. Kei

  2. It's so nice that people aren't afraid to embrace their sexuality, many countries should definitely have events like that. It's very educational too for people who are ignorant so they won't judge too easily next time. :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo

    1. thanks muffins!
      I know right, people tend to be stereotypical & keeps on
      labeling us with anything that they want.
      don't judge gay people, we are PEOPLE too.

      ❥ Ms. Kei

  3. I love your Blog
    Would you like us to follow each other ?
    if yes, just follow me and let me know so i can follow you back

    1. thanks dear.
      I will check yours too.

      ❥ Ms. Kei


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