Friday, July 11, 2014

Finally a Sky Army Core Member

Good morrow citizens of the blog world!

I want to share my new online family and this is in relation to the previous post that I did. I know that I have been posting about Sky Teotico in my previous post but it just became so much interesting. Just the other day I decided to join her official group and I had to answer an exam to pass, luckily I passed & was able to answer 14/20. Sky was even one of the people who congratulated me when I got in.

I had to go through a rigorous, well not really, test and I have to pass at least 10 out of the 20 questions. It started with Sky's full name which I don't have any idea of, then her age and birthday. I was failitng the questions one by one and began doubting myself, then I thought I had some info saved on my phone which is such a huge help, and a little help from Google which I never thought was allowed. I was surprised to get 14 out of those 20 questions. I was screaming, in my mind, in excitement because finally I am going to be part of this fun family.  
I read great things about the Sky Army Core from Instagram & Facebook. Sky personally meets up with his core to celebrate and have fun. There was one time when I saw a video of Sky, with her core, at a karaoke room singing and just having a great time. I am looking forward to being part of that crazy party too. Now that I am one of their family I am already seeing the future of a happier social life.
I started chatting with the members of the core and I am having a blast talking to them. Sky even join the conversations and jokes around with us. The girls are so fun and very sweet. It's like a family that was built from friendship. I may not have met them personally yet but am looking forward to do so. Some of them added me up on Facebook and I am beginning to interact with most of them already.

I just loved how welcoming the girls are in the Sky Army Core. They even made me happy when I was down in the dumps (well not literally) and to think that I was there for a day only. They were friendly and very accomodating.

I am looking forward to meeting the girls soon & I am so psyched that Sky added me up on Facebook, FANGiRLiNG!!

Thank you so much for reading this post my dearies. God bless!

It's okay. I'm built for people to experience. To be taken and get over with.
-- Sky Teotico

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