Friday, August 16, 2013

Tutorial: How I Put on Lipstick

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Hello ladies!

I will be sharing tips on how I put on lipstick. I got into using lipstick when I was in college. I had to give my lips color since they are chapped, dry and dark. I don't smoke but my lips are so dark that I had to do something. Since then it became a huge part of my life, especially when I am going out.

The products that I have are from the coral and pink family. I don't own anything that is out of the ordinary, I stick to colors that will flatter me and will fit my skin tone. I have posted something about my lipstick collection here. The products that I have in my collection are more on local brands because I love the formula of the local brands, especially Ever Bilena.

So here are the steps on how I put my lipstick on.

image from weheartit
(you could also exfoliate your lips first to prevent chapped & dry lips using a soft tooth brush or a mixture of petroleum jelly and sugar)

1. First I put lip balm on to keep my lips moist. (I love the Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm in Smoothing Cherry)
2. I then pick a color that suits my mood or my blush. (for darker eyes wear nude or lighter shade of the lipstick. If you want a bold lip color, keep the rest of your makeup light)
3. I start from the left side of my lip and then the right.

edited photo from image from weheartit

4. I then put one swipe on the bottom lip.
5. If I wanted a bolder color I do a second swipe.
6. Put a piece of tissue in between the lips to remove excess product.

Here are some corrective techniques for specific lip shapes:

Lip ShapesCorrective Techniques
Full LipsUse a natural lip liner to draw inside your natural lip line to make it appear thinner.applying lipstick to full lips
Thin LipsUse a lip liner and draw slightly outside your upper and lower lips to make your lips appear fuller.applying lipstick to thin lips
Drooping CornersUse your lip liner to build up the corners of the upper lip slightly.applying lipstick to lips with drooping corners
Bow LipsTo soften the peaks of the upper lip, use a lip liner to draw a softer curve.applying lipstick to bow lips

I hope that this post helped you. If you have any other tips please do share it with us. Thank you so much for reading loves. God bless you.

Stay fab!


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