Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Poetry Time: Missing You

image from WeHeartIt

As I stare at this empty void
There is this longing I cannot avoid.
I miss you,
I really do.
There is this emptiness in me that I cannot hide
And it is swallowing me like the ocean's tide.
I miss your lips,
The way it touches my lips.
I miss those eyes
That twinkles and look nice.
I miss your hands,
That holds me and makes me want to dance.
I miss us,
With the love that cannot pass.
I wish we could turn back time
And return all the lost time.
I wish we could rewind the memories
And remove all the agonies.
I wish we could relive our love
That was given to us from above.
I am missing you,
Yes you.
Mostly especially us,
I really miss us.

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