Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thrift Store Finds: K-Pop Inspired Outfits

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Who doesn't love clothes right?

Here is yet another unexpected shopping trip but I love all of the items that I bought to enjoy reading lovies!

I went to Central Mall in Salitran yesterday to buy kitty litter for my cats. I then went upstairs to check out the stores. I am so surprised that there are thrift stores there. I found very interesting items that is why I decided to buy a few items. It was an unplanned shopping trip but I had fun looking for clothes.

I bought four (4) items and I love each one of them. I found interesting pieces and I might go back there to shop for more. I forgot to take note of the shop's name again.

The first item is a gray long sleeve top with chains and silver beads around the collar. It reminds me of 2NE1’s CL in one of their videos. I just love how the chains give emphasize on my shoulders. The fabric is so soft and it is not itchy.

Next is a white leopard print hoodie which is adorable. I am into leopard print and being this is a different color is awesome. I love that it is leopard and that it is in white. We all got used to the brown or black leopard color, this is a standout.

I also bought a black top with embellishment on each shoulder. I love the ruffles and beads on it. It gives a chic effect and it is black. It is sleeveless though, but I am so into it still.

Lastly is a polka dotted long sleeved top. I adore polka dots! This is so perfect and the huge dots are so cute. The sleeves and hem of the top has accents of a soft velvet fabric. I am so going to wear this soon.

Do you love going thrift shopping as well? Were do you go shopping?

Thank you so much for reading loves. God bless all of you.

Stay fab!


  1. WOW! great haul Keyti~
    I just had my thrift shop haul too :D

    1. hihihihi.
      i have yet to add more
      to my collection.

  2. i like all >.<

    visit my blog ^^

  3. loving this!!

  4. I read your post on your outfit on your office, you look good with dress.

    Anyway, I love to thrift in a thrift shop in Zapote, Quaipo and Recto. But I'm the type that loves to explore any thrift shops I found.

    1. loving all of the
      thrift shop here in Dasma.
      thank you so much dear.


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