Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hair Extensions Obsession

image from weheartit
Having long hair is awesome.

WARNING! This is a photo heavy post lovies.

As you all know I have medium length hair. I had it dyed last month, am not sure with the shade though, but I am loving the color. I also bought hair extension because I need to put my hair up for my parents' renewal of vows. I just love my new hair color and am surprised that it did turn out the way that I want it to be. I spent P 450 for the hair color process and the result is AMAZEBALLS!

Here are some of my photos during my parents' renewal of vows.

walking down the aisle. (say hello to my oily face. XS)

my beautiful family. from left to right: me, mum, dad, Tony & Karl

tita Chit, tita Ludy and me

on our way home from the reception

I dunno what am doing here. XD

I bought the hair extensions first before I had my hair dyed. I was surprised that my hair blended with the extensions. The quality of the hair is superb and is close to my natural hair's texture. I bought five (5) strands of hair with two (2) wefts for P 450 which is a steal for such a good quality product. It was at the 999 Mall in Divisoria.

close-up of the hair extensions

the hair extensions have two wefts per row of hair

Ever since I had my hair dyed and the extensions as well, I wore it everyday and styled it too. The extensions that I bought were wavy and lovely. My friend even called me Rapunzel when he saw me wearing it. I am not sure how long the extensions are but to estimate it may be 24 inches. I love how good it looked on me.

And here are the steps on how to put Hair Extensions on. This is how to blend your hair from the falsies. Clip from Luxy Hair.

Here are some more photos of me wearing these babies.

this was taken by a friend when we were eating at 7 Eleven

before I go to work

These gave a huge difference in my look. It made me look womanly and dainty as well. I loved how it looked and I would want to purchase a straight one as well.

Thank you so much for reading this loves. God bless all of you.

Stay fab!


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