Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Eyeliner Obsession

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Ever since I started wearing makeup, I can't live without my eyeliner. It has been an essential to my everyday makeup routine. I especially love liquid eyeliner because I have a good control of the product.

(image from weheartit)

I love doing the winged or cat eye look. It gives my eyes character. May it be thick, thin, long or short, I just adore doing this look. It is an effortless way to bring emphasize to your eyes.

Here are the eyeliners that I currently have.

I have tried a lot of products but some of it stings. When I wear it throughout the day my eyes will well up and itch. I can even feel like I have sore eyes. I am not looking for products that will stay on my lids for hours without irritating my eyes. My Nichido felt tip liner irritates my eyes, I have yet to repurchase the FS felt tip pen because I wanna try if it won't irritate my eyes. I ran out of it and I haven't even used it that much.

I would want to try the pen liner that Revlon released and also the one from SanSan. I have yet to read reviews on these products before I go and purchase. If you have any suggestions let me know.

What eyeliner look do you like wearing the most? Any suggestions on good felt tip or liquid eyeliners?

Thank you so much for reading this. God bless all of you.

Stay fab!


  1. Maganda yung Revlon dear, kasi nakakabawas sa budget :D
    if you want a cheaper one, for liquid eyeliner, FANBO is cheaper plus, it had a very thin tip and cute packaging.
    For eyeliners I use nichido or ever bilena eyeliners.

    btw, glad to have you back again! na miss ko posts mo!
    Happy Summer!~


    1. thanks baby girl.
      where can i buy that fanbo?
      sa divi ako bumili nung ibang eyeliner ko,
      am searching for eyeliner cuz of my allergy
      which is so unusual.
      i never had allergies before.

  2. I started using liquid eye liner 3 years ago, I think. It just makes the eyes look better. What I'm currently using are NYX and The Face Shop's eyeliners. I loved Tony Moly's Gel Liner too but it takes too much space in my kit. :))

    The easiest to apply and the best in what I'm using or have used it The Face Shop's extreme brush pen eyeliner.


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