Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Divisoria Haul: Accessories to love

Good day loves!

Here is yet another haul for all of you. I went to Divisoria, specifically in 168 Divisoria Mall, to buy a few stuff and stumbled upon this awesome accessory store. Am not sure if it has a name but they have great items. I bought quite a lot and it cost me P 350.

To start this haul off, I will be talking about this angel wing cuff. It cost me P 40 which is quite a steal. I love that it has a vintage style. I have always wanted to have something like this and I was so ecstatic when I saw it that is why I bought it.

Let me talk about the rings that I bought. They were sold for 3 for P 100 so I went crazy over choosing what rings to purchase. Let me start with this pair of dainty rings. They are vintage (you all know how obsessed I am to anything vintage) rings with little pearls around them. I have never owned anything like these before and I love 'em. Next is a black ring that has glasses. It is so cute that is why I bought it. Lastly is this dagger ring which I went gaga over. It was a bit large for me so I did something to make it fit. It is such an awesome piece.

(pardon my ugly hands)

Next will be these necklaces, collar necklaces to be exact. They were sold for 2 for P 150. I chose both of them because of the color and design. The first necklace is a bib necklace in gold with white accents. I love the chic look of it. I also bought a chandelier like necklace in gold as well. It has white squares and the flow of the gems are flawless.

I also bought random bracelets. These were sold for P 20 each. I have skull bracelets and one star bracelet. The skull bracelets that I bought are in black and the other one is in pink. The star bracelet is in white and I love its worn out color.

I also bought a watch from a kiosk near the escalator. It is a replica of a Guess watch. I love that it is sporty and classy at the same time. I chose the one with white straps and gray rim.

These were the accessories that I bought. Do you also love buying accessories? Where do you buy yours?

Thank you so much for reading my post loves. Looking forward to having another giveaway soon and I might include accessories this time. God bless all of you.

Stay fab!


  1. Divisoria is my got to place if I want to purchase a lot of accessories. Your 500php can go a loooong way! I have those skulls arm candies too!

    1. i know right!
      awesome finds are all there,
      may it be shoes, bags, clothes, accessories
      and many more.


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