Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Review: Makeup Brushes (Angled Blush Brush and Round Blush/Powder Brush)

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Good Morning lovies!

I went to 168 Divisoria Mall last month to buy makeup brushes, specifically a stippling brush but I wasn't able to find one. I went to this store on the ground floor of the mall and found a few brushes.

Let me start this review with the angled blush brush. It costs P 100+, I forgot the price, and am not even sure if it's synthetic.

    ❧ it is cheap (of course)
    ❧ the handle isn't slippery
    ❧ the bristles are soft to the touch

    ❧ the bristles are itchy
    ❧ doesn't catch that much product but it'll do
    ❧ the bristles fall out when I wash it

    ❧ it is a good brush, yes, but I hate the fact that it is itchy and the fibers of the brush keeps on fall out whenever I am washing it. It looks good though.

❧ all in all, I don't recommend this brush. I still love my Marionnaud angled blush brush more than this one. I just bought just for the sake of having another brush.

The next brush that I will be reviewing is this round top blush/powder brush that I bought from the same shop. I think it cost me P 89 but just to be sure it is less than P 100.

❧ it is fairly cheaper than the usual
❧ the bristles are soft to the touch as well
❧ it is very handy
❧ the handle isn't slippery as well
❧ picks up the product well

❧ it is itchy as well
❧ bristles fallout after washing
❧ has a weird plastic smell

❧ I would give it a five but since it's itchy it made me take one point off. I just love how petite it is. I loved how soft it is when you swipe it on your face but since it is really itchy, I don't use it that much.

❧ I would love to recommend it but it is within your discretion if you want to try it out. It can get itchy when using but it has a good quality.

These two brushes are part of my growing makeup collection. I am currently looking for more brushes, if you have ant suggestions just let me know lovies.

Thank you so much for sharing yet another review with me. God bless all of you.

Stay fab!


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    1. thanks dear.
      divisoria is like my playground.
      i love going there even though it
      so FAR from where i live.


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