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Shops that I love

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I love shopping, well most girls do!

Hello subbies!

It has been such a long time since I last posted an update. I am so sorry for the delays of posts; I got too preoccupied with work. It is a good thing that it is my rest day today; I’ll be able to post something for all of you. This post is about the shops that I go to whenever I want to buy makeup, clothes and accessories. I will also list down the brands that I often buy as well.

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I am one of those girls who love thrift stores. I am into quality products with low price; of course we need to save money too. There are two specific thrift stores where I go to whenever I want to buy clothes. The first one is a store near my dad’s office. It doesn’t have a legit store name so I will just name it as the “Unnamed Thrift Shop.” I was able to buy jackets, dresses and tops there last year. They sell affordable clothes and I spent less than a thousand for a huge handful of clothes. The second thrift store is the Mazanda’s Ukay-Ukay (ukay-ukay is the Filipino term for thrift store) that is near NCST. They have a larger store which made it more fun to shop in. There are a lot of racks in there ranging from tops, to jackets, to dresses, bags and shoes. I was able to buy a lot of sweaters there and I want to go back for more. I need to more sweaters and jackets to keep me warm at work.

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For some of the clothes and accessories that I have, 168 Divisoria Mall has been my go to place for fashionable finds. Most of the pants that I have are from Cookies ‘N Cream. They have affordable pants and other clothing items there. I would love to go back and buy more pairs of floral pants because I love the first pair that I bought. The accessories that I have, well most of it, are from Sakura. It is a shop next to the food court on the 3rd level of the mall. It is so addictive to look at the accessories that they are selling. They are colorful and fabulous as well. There is also this one shop on the 2nd level of the mall that sells accessories as well. I wasn't able to get the name but they sell cheaper accessories there.

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There are also specific shoes where I buy my shoes. First is at SM Department Store, in their Ladies’ Shoes section. I love buying the 2 for P 399 by the brand Solemate. The flats that they sell are very comfortable and are trendy. All of the polka dot printed flats are from that brand. I love the material and the prints don’t fade at all. Parisian Shoes are also hip and they are comfortable as well. They are in the same section. Lastly is a shop next to the escalator on the 3rd floor, which I wasn’t able to get the name as well, where I buy some of my shoes. They sell awesome shoes especially wedges and heels. I will be buying the shoes that I will wear for my mum and dad’s renewal of vows there. If I go back to 168 Divisoria Mall I will write down the name of the shops so that I could share it to you.

I will now share the place where I buy my makeup. Most of the makeups that I have are from either Watson’s or at the SM Department Store. I buy drugstore makeup because they fit my budget. It will be either from Maybelline New York, Revlon, Nichido or Ever Bilena. The lipsticks that I have are mostly from the local brand Ever Bilena but I also love Avon products as well. I am beginning to try out other brands such Fanny Serrano and I would want to try the products from Pinkie’s Collection and Fashion 21.

I love shopping online as well. I recommend Twins’ Closet for those who love satchel bags, shoes and corsets. You can choose from their wide array products. Che, who is a friend of mine, is the owner of the shop and she really is hands on with the shipping process. You will not experience any hassles or delays so definitely check this shop out. For hair extensions, I buy from Rosey Chiq and Hair Extensions Galore. Both shops sell synthetic and Korean hair extensions. The accessories that I have, some of it, are from Anagon Collection. This was the first online shop that I ever visited and purchased to. Ana, the shop’s owner is so sweet and you should go ahead and visit here shop. She makes custom accessories and any other knick knacks that you will surely love. If you love makeup, Singapore or USA authentic, you should go ahead and browse Beauty On the Go Shop for your makeup essentials. Lastly, for your organization needs, Miss Bella is the perfect shop for you. They sell acrylic organizers, bracelet/bangle organizers and the like.

For my Filipino readers, are there any specific shops that you go to? You can share it here and I will check them out as well.

Thank you so much for reading this loves. I will make sure to post at least one blog every week. I missed doing posts for all of you. God bless you.

Stay fab!

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