Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Cat Musketeers

This photo was taken last Christmas Eve (24 December 2012)

Hello readers.

I am back with an update about my cats. We originally have 6 cats but then we had a few more additions. Ash is the first addition and I found him when I was on my way home from work. I just can't stand seeing him being a stray. He might get hit by the bus or something. I took him home and he is so sweet.

I named this stray cat Ash because of his color. He is a gorgeous gray cat with dark gray stripes. He reminds me of a tiger. He is sweet and he is like Bebi. When I am sad Ash will be sleeping next to me just like what Bebi used to do. I know that nobody can ever replace Bebi but I am hoping that he is alive in Ash.

Our cat cake gave birth last month, am not sure about the date but I think it was on the 12th. She gave birth to three (3) kittens. Her litter is two boys and one girl. My mum named all of them. The orange kitten, who looks like Thor, is Louis. Next is the dark gray kitten, who looks like my loving cat Bebi, and his name is Giordano. Lastly, the kitten who really looks like Cake is Burberry because her color is the signature color of the famous brand.

Cats are so loving and I just adore how they show their love back to you. They also get jealous which is so cute. Ten (10) cats are too much for one house but we are happy to take care of all of them. They give us joy and just like what I posted before, they are our stress relievers.

Here are the names of all of the cats that we have. Starting from the eldest to the youngest. Jackie, Jake, Finn, Cake, Coco, Thor, Ash, Giordano, Louis and Burberry.

Our cats are part of the family. They are my children and we take good care of them. There may be times when they are a bit stubborn but still we treat them well. We love all of them and we want them to have a good life.

Do you have pets? Can you share your experience and how you take care of them?

Thank you so much for reading this post loves. God bless all of you.

Stay fab!


  1. OMG wow they're so cute!!!!!!!!you made their shirts??????

    1. no dear,
      the shirts are from
      Pet Express.


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