Monday, February 18, 2013

How I Organize the Outfits that I will wear for work

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I started organizing my outfit ahead of time to avoid taking time getting ready. I made a board where I could list the outfits that I would want to wear for this week. Soon I'll buy a small white board so that I could hang it on my wall.

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There will be a tabulation of days in there. From Monday to Friday, my outfits are set from my top to my shoes. The makeup and hair will just be based on what I want on that day. For example, last Wednesday I had my hair with a poof because I just feel like it. I wore red lipstick because I was wearing a white top so that my face won't be washed out.

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As soon as I have a white board, I'll draw lines on it with permanent marker so that it will be more organized. I have colored markers which will make it look more colorful. I could also take photos of my clothes or print out words to symbolize each clothing item. I really want to be more organized, especially now that I am working, so that I won't be struggling with time.

Any of you have the same idea? I would also want to have a fitting mannequin but I have cats and they might tip it over. Any suggestions that are related to this post, please leave them on the comment box below.

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Thank you so much for sharing yet another post with me loves. God bless all of you.

Stay fab!

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