Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Farewell Baby Lucky

It was the day before he left us, he chose to sleep on my shoulder.

Lucky is our cat Jackie's baby. He was the only one who survived among the four kittens that she carried. He was born on the 27th of December. He was the smallest of the bunch. A darling Lucky was.

Jackie doesn't have milk so I had to manually feed him. He is a stronger sucker. He can easily go through 4cc of milk every hour. He loves the warmth of her incubator and he will curl up near the light. I can see that he is fighting to live. My family adores his urge to be healthy.

There came a time when Jackie wants to be with her child so bad. She keeps on jumping into his incubator to clean him and cuddle up with him. There were times when she could be so feisty when it is Lucky's feeding time. She keeps on carrying him anywhere she wants. She carries him carelessly that I had to carefully take him off of her mouth to rescue the poor fellow.

Last January 5th, she was extra persistent of having Lucky onto herself. She was dragging the poor kitten on her mouth around the house, bumping him around. I then held him and made him sleep on my shoulder. He was sleeping so soundly and it felt so good seeing him so peacefully sleeping. I took the little kitten and placed him back unto his incubator. Jackie tried to bring him somewhere else again biting him carelessly. I carefully took him off her and placed him on his incubator again. I tried feeding him but he won't take it in. I waited for an hour and then I tried feeding him again, still he won't take it in.

On the 6th of January, I suddenly woke up at 1:30 in the morning. It was too early for me to wake up for mass. And like what I do every time I wake up, I'd look at Lucky to check if he's okay and then feed him. Everytime I check him, I would eventually stop breathing for a while to see if he is breathing. I looked at him closely and then touched him, he was cold. I started crying and immediately called my youngest brother, Karl, and told him that Lucky is dead. I was crying so hard and then called my younger brother Tony. I looked for a box to place Lucky in and then I woke my mum and told her about it.

Lucky was too young to die. We were thinking that Jackie's way of transferring him was the reason why he died. If I have had placed his incubator higher then Jackie wouldn't have had the chance of taking him anywhere. I will miss Lucky. He is now in a happy place with Bebi. It is such a great loss but I know that he felt loved when he was still alive. I did my best to take good care of him. God knows how much we loved him.

Jackie is doing well now. She has been quite gloomy when she saw her baby dead but she has been recuperating. We are helping her heal. Her wounds have been healing as well. It is hard to lose your child, we saw her crying inside Lucky's incubator but we didn't lack love for her. We show her how much we love her and she is getting more attention now that usual.

Thank you so much for all of the prayers, God bless all of you. Lucky loves all of you too.

Stay fab!

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