Thursday, October 11, 2012

Arm Candies For Sale

I love my arm candy and I have decided to sell these as well so that I could share it with the lovely ladies out there. They are faux leather bracelets and hear lock & key cord bracelets. I will be selling them for P 150 each.

I was supposed to open up an online store but I will just do it on December or January. I still need to prepare the site, the items, the packaging and the shipping. I will only be shipping nationwide (all over the Philippines) for now because I am just starting. The images that I have on my albums are from the internet because I will be on a pre-order basis for now but it will be just a 5 day wait so it's not that long.

(more infos here)

(more infos here)

This will be the future logo of my shop and it is quite simple but I love it. I also chose the name which was inspired by the gorgeous Katy Perry and it is Keyti Berry: The Complete Confection. I did the logo myself and sorry if it is not perfect, am not really a professional.

I am so looking forward to opening my online shop but I would have to research on what items I should sell but there will definitely be arm candies, rings and necklaces there. Thank you so much for reading loves, stay fab!

If you have any other ideas on what I should sell, let me know on the comments section below, thank you!


  1. love the bracelets muffin!!! i'll buy some from you when i visit pinas :) the logo looks fab. <3

    1. thank you muffin ,
      i am looking forward to seeing you!


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