Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tangerine Update (Almost 3 Days)

Good Afternoon!

Tangerine is doing very well today, she is more energetic and louder today. Sadly, I was able to pull out a couple more maggots on her open wound but it's a good thing that the other one healed so she's just left with one more wound. Just like the doctor ordered, I put Hydrogen Peroxide on the would and it is starting to dry up a bit. I just wish that she'll be fine soon.

My mum keeps on insisting that I should throw Tangerine outside the house because she is contaminating our house. What should I do? She is too sensitive to be left out to wander outside, the worse case scenario would be she'll be more contaminated and die. I wouldn't want her to die, she is God's creation and she's not doing any harm to anyone. I am always making sure that her wound is sanitized and away from any more infestation. Help me, I don't want her to be thrown away.

I wasn't able to take good care of her yesterday because I went to Pasay to apply for work @ ACS (I will be posting an OOTD on that btw) but as soon as I got home I went on to cleaning her wound was so surprised that the other wound closed already, thank God! I just need to wait for the other wound to close, it is quite bigger than the other one. God bless this little kitten.

I was thinking, since I love animals and that I am undergoing this rehabilitation/qurantine of this cute kitten, maybe I should take up veterinary medicine. What do you think loves?

I just want for Tangerine to be healthier again and then I will look for a family that will take good care of her if my mum really wants me to get rid of her. Whenever I touch her, I cry, she is so sweet and reminds me of my favorite cat Bebi. I know that it is wrong to throw any animal outside and ignore them, they have rights too. I would want her to live and take care of her and I will fight for her right to have shelter and food.

I love my cats and my family, but this little kitten needs me. I just want my family to realize that it is so hard to let go of someone whom you've taken care of and that you've learned to love. God help me.

Thank you so much for reading this loves, stay fab!


  1. I would see if someone would be willing to adopt her. I'd never throw an animal outside, especially one as young and in-need as Tangerine. I think you're doing a great job. Hopefully your mum will come around and let you keep her!

    1. good news dear ,
      my mum agreed to keep her .
      because i insisted and Tangerine
      is doing pretty well now .
      I am letting her play with my
      other cats because her wound is closing ,
      finally .

    2. thanks dear .
      I was so glad that
      she agreed and my dad loves
      Thor because he is so Lambing .


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