Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tangerine Update

Good morning!

I woke up early today because baby Tangerine was crying so I got out of bed to feed my kitties. I mixed in their favorite cat food (Whiskas) with a little bit of rice and then gave it to them. I also gave Tangerine her share and with clean water also so that she can drink. While she was eating I put a dab of Betadine on her wound because it is now closing (finally!) and I can see that it is healing but still i will buy the essentials that the vet told me.

She is quite energetic today and was playing with me. She is such a darling and she likes being touched. Though her wound is still sensitive, I still touch her because she is just adorable. I shaved off some of her fur because of the clumps but she still looks cute. I would have to clean her again today just to make sure that she is safe from any infestations.

She is so smart because she was able to go out of the basin that I put her in. I got surprised that she was walking around my room. I gave her  a small teddy bear to play with and she s having fun sniffing it and pushing it around. She is also smart enough to go back to the basin whenever she is sleepy.

I love that she is now walking around and playing, I just hope that this will continue. Sh still has a lazy eye, I can't really clean it that much because she keeps on crying when I touch it, maybe some other time.

Thank you so much for reading loves, stay fab! Let's keep praying for Tangerine's health and thank you to those who prayed for her recovery.


  1. I'm so happy she is doing better! You're a great mama. :)

    1. thank you dear ,
      i just hope that my
      mum would stop making me
      throw the poor little kitten away .

  2. Oh, Tangerine is a very cute cat!I love her eye color and orange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    too bad I can't have any cat, I have my asthma :(

    1. aw ,
      that's too bad .
      keep away from anything
      that could harm your health okay dear ?

  3. She is so cute!!! :D It's really good of your to take care of her.

    1. thanks dear .
      i will take care of her
      until she feels better .


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