Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My DIY Shorts

I have been wearing shorts ever since I could remember and having a sewing machine (that my awesome Dad bought for me). I tried some DIY ideas that I saw online especially on YouTube so I jumped right in and did it. I had fun making them and I took photos of the shorts that I did.

Here is the sewing machine that my Dad bought for me. It's a Japanese sewing machine by the brand Juki.

(this is my awesome sewing machine)

I love this machine so much because it does a lot of stitches and it is easy to use too. Although the parts have Japanese written all over it, it has images to make it easier to understand. I am just too overwhelmed to use it so I got into sewing right away. I even sew the tattered shorts of my brothers.

I started my DIY shorts with distressed denim shorts from my old jeans. I have been wearing these for a year now and when I started using my sewing machine I just revamped them. I did the one leg leopard printed jean shorts. I also tried the leopard printed back pockets on one of my shorts too. The other one has faux pearls on just because I liked the look of it. Soon I would want to try studs and will look for a store that sells them.

(the gray shorts is from a knee high shorts that I have)

Am so excited to do more DIY projects using my sewing machine, may it be shorts, tops or costumes as well. I just missed sewing because my grandmother taught me when I was younger when we were still living in Bulacan.

Thank you so much for reading loves, God bless you all. Stay fab!


  1. I love DIY-ing too! Aww you have a sewing machine that looks so compact and easy to use. I would love to have one someday. Kainggit! Anyway, great DIYs. I love the leopard print back pockets!


    1. thanks dear ,
      my dad bought it from me .
      sa Pier siya bumili .
      you should go there and look
      for a sewing machine too .

  2. Wow! I can't sew for my life! LOL. I don't know how to use a sewing machine. Hahaha nice project! :D

    1. i also have hand sewn projects ,
      it is quite easy dear .


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