Monday, October 1, 2012

Makeup Christmas Wishlist

I have been obsessing over makeup for the past few months because I have been receiving tons of compliments on how I look with makeup on. I would want to try more products especially those that won't give me breakouts. There are a lot of beauty products out in the market and I would want to try specific brands and their products. I sure hope that I have a job during Christmas time, that will be my first goal.

I will be starting off with my eyebrows and I have been hearing a lot of people on YouTube and on blogs who are raving about this product by ELF Cosmetics. I have tried a lot of eyebrow pencils for my eyebrows but I have never used an eyebrow palette before so if I'll be able to purchase this, it will be my first time. It is the ELF Eyebrow Kit in the shade Light because that is the color closest to my hair color. I have seen a beauty guru do a tutorial on this and it is quite easy and they said that it lasts for a long time so that will be such a plus. I am looking forward to trying this.

Moving on, the next item on my makeup wishlist is an eye shadow primer. I have been wanting to try on using eye shadow (correctly) for like forever but my makeup tends to crease because I have oily lids and having a primer will really help me a lot. The number one choice for the eye shadow that I would want to have is the Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer because almost all of the beauty gurus that I am subscribed to on YouTube are using this. It says that it will make your eye makeup last longer and it won't crease which is amazing.

(I jsut adore the packaging, it is so pretty and it is purple. image from

The next item on my list is an eye shadow palette and I would want to start with a subtle palette because I am not good at putting eye shadow on. I chose the Maybelline New York Eye Studio Color Plus Eye Shadow in Copper Chic because it has subtle colors that are perfect for a smokey eye look. It has a gorgeous highlight color with golds and pinks which is amazing. This will be a good start for my eye shadow experiment.

(image from Polyvore)

I am obsessed with putting on eyeliner and I am loving my Qichun Liquid Eyeliner for a month now but I want to try something new. NYX Cosmetics came with this new eyeliner and a lot of beauty gurus have been posting videos with it and it is The Curve. It has a felt tip which I haven't tried before and it is an opaque black color. I would want to try this because it is said that it will give you a precise line, this will be such a great addition to my makeup collection.

Next on my lips is a dual purpose product which will be very handy when I am going out or at work and it is by Benefit Cosmetics and it is the Benetint Rose-tinted Lip and Cheek Stain. It is one of their best sellers and it is two in one which makes it an amazing product. It is said to give your cheeks and lips a sheer tint of red that isn't over powering nor stingy.

(image from Polyvore)

Moving on to the face, I have been looking for a powder that will not clog my pores and would not make my face look cakey. I saw this on Liz of IHeartMakeup92 and it looks good on her. It is for sensitive skin and it gives your skin a matte finish and it is the Clean Pressed Powder, Sensitive Skin. It is gentle on the skin and doesn't have any pungent smell on it which is basically what I need. I also saw Jen of FrmHeadToToe using this and it is the Cargo Blu-Ray High Definition Powder Makeup and it is almost the same as the one from CoverGirl.

I would also want to try this new BB cream and it is the Dream Fresh BB - BB Cream by Maybelline. Based on their website it is a 1-step wonder for a good skin day, everyday. Packed with 8 great skin benefits for instant skin perfection that is ideal for normal skin. (quoted from the Maybelline website) I have tried their Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream and it worked wonders on me that is why I would want to try this one also.

For the lips, I would want to have NYX Round Lipsticks in different shades because I have been loving the shade Doll and as a matter of fact my mum has been using it also. It is soft on the lips and is moisturizing also. I just love the quality of their lipstick and the packaging is simple yet appealing to me.

Lastly is a makeup setting spray from Etude House because I have read a lot of good reviews about it. It is the Dr. Oil Solution Anti-Shine Mist and it will hold the makeup for a long time which is great. This is from their website, it is a 60ml Portable oil-control facial mist supplies moisture and powder to subdue oily shine and preserve makeup integrity. Oil-free formula void of Talc and Paraben. (kudos to the Etude House website for this)

(image from

And that is basically it, my makeup Christmas wishlist and thank you so much for reading loves. Stay fab!


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