Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween Plans for RoRoRoKa

It's almost Halloween and my best friends and I have been planning a Halloween party just for fun. We would want to dress up even for a day. We are suckers for candies, cakes and anything sweet so having this Halloween party will be an awesome gig. This is going to be an exciting party and I am sure that it will be as fun as ever.

First, we need a venue for the party and it is a good thing that Rocel has a Nipa Hut in their backyard, that is where we celebrate most of our gatherings together. We will just dress up the place with Halloween stuff and decors that we will also be making from scraps because we are bankrupt as of the moment.

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We have a place for the party, next items on our list is the food, we can't forget about that. In the past, whenever we have something to celebrate, we do a pot luck or we bring what we can. This time won't be different, we just need to bring food that we can cook or buy because it will be just the four of us or it depends if there will be other guests.

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We have the place, decorations and the food, now we just need the costumes. I thought of costume ideas that are within our budget and that we won't be exerting that much effort on doing it. I saw these costumes on The Sorry Girls' YouTube page and I would just want to revamp in my way.

The first costume is for Roquelle, and it is the Cinderella costume. I chose this costume for her because just like the character, she is responsible and very persistent. She is such a hard worker and is also a simple type of girl.

Here is the video on how to make the costume but I already have dress similar to that so we just have to revamp it.

Next is for Roma who is a quirky and is happy-go-lucky and since I, Rocel and Roquelle are basically her fairy godmothers (better yet devils. AHAHAHAHA!) I chose princess Aurora for her.

Here is the Aurora costume.

I haven't thought of a costume for Rocel and me so I will just update you loves about it okay? If you have any suggestions on what costume the two of us should do just let me know on the comments below okay?

(Rocel and I taken last year)

Thank you for reading my post loves, stay safe!


  1. Cool!!! Cant wait for Halloween!!!;))

    Ps. Let us know if you would like to follow each other and we will follow right back!


    1. thank you so much !
      followed your blog
      through gfc and bloglovin .

  2. I want to dress up too, as something really scary.


  3. I'm so excited to start decorating for Halloween! I want to have a movie night where everyone has to bring over a Halloween themed treat potluck style. :)

    1. awesome !
      can you post photos so that
      i can see ?


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