Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Two Pairs Up the Stairs

I was at SM Mall of Asia yesterday when my favorite ballerina flats' rose fell off so I decided to purchase a pair but ended up getting two pairs. It's a good thing that SoleMate still have the 2 for P 399 sale for the rainy season. I chose a navy blue ballet flats with ribbon that has adorable hearts on them. The other pair that I chose was a black and white polka dotted ballet flats.

The first pair is this navy blue ballet flats. I chose this because first is that it goes with my pants and it has a bow. I love the hearts that are printed on the flats that are very feminine. I never had any blue pair of shoes so it is a good thing that I bought this.

(I just love the cute little bows in front of the ballet flats)

(this is the close-up of the print which is really adorable)

The next pair is the black and white polka dotted ballet flats. I just bought two ballet flats before with the same design but with different colors. I love polka dots and having it in my favorite color combination is great. I can pair it with anything because it is bold and unique. I also love that the shoes are made with a soft material so it is very comfortable and stylish at the same time.

(here is the close-up shot)

I just love shoes like these pairs and I am glad that I bought them. I will collect more of these but I need to find the perfect storage for my shoes and flip flops. Thank you again for reading fab people, love y'all. Stay fab!


  1. aww cute flats muffin! LOVE them! i really miss shopping at MoA :( so many awesome stuff there.

    1. yes muffin ,
      they are to die for !
      you should come home soon .

  2. I'm a fan of Solemate flats too! I love how they're so budget friendly. :>


    1. ikr !
      and they have pretty designs too
      that is why i am addicted to 'em .


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