Saturday, September 1, 2012

OOTD: Go with the Flow + Family Trip to Festival Mall

It's a sunny Sunday, thank God for a good weather, and it's the surprising that my mum picked out my outfit for the day. She chose the flowy white top that I bought from 168 Divisoria Mall. The top is sheer so I wore a black tube top by Dickies underneath to make it decent looking. I paired it with my black high-waisted pants that I also bought there. It is high-waisted but it didn't turn out to be like that because of my huge hips but I still love it because it fits me well. For my foot wear, I had my white shimmery ballet flats from SoleMate.

I have just received my leopard printed satchel bag from Twins Closet last Saturday which is amazing. I love the details and the color because that was the main reason why I ordered it, it reminds me of my kitten who past away last month, Bebi. It has the perfect size and it holds a lot of my things especially my makeup kit and wallet.

After mass, we went to the grocery and buy supplies. I had terrible tremors which made me eat a raw banana . We went home to arrange the groceries then went straight to Festival Mall in Alabang afterwards.

We strolled around the mall and then we stopped at Classic Savory to eat lunch. We had a smorgasborg of food which tastes awesome. I ate a lot because my dad keeps on putting rice on my plate. I had a few photos because I was busy texting my girlfriend.

After having lunch my mum and I went to 101 New York which is a hip boutique at Festival Mall. I bought this awesome gray jacket with an embellished skull design. It was originally P999 but the price went down to P750 which is awesome. I would pair it with my polka dotted leggings and if I have the chance to find the perfect pair of black combat boots it will really bring the whole outfit together. I'll have my hair in a wavy style and viola! Awesome!

That was my outfit of the day and our trip to Festival Mall. I had a blast with my family and ate a lot. Hope to have more trips like this soon. Stay fab! 


  1. aww i really miss the restos in philly! so many yummy food :D

    I nominated you for the "Sunshine Award" muffin!
    You can check it out if you want to :)

    1. the food at Classic Savory is delish muffin ,
      if you go on vacay here you should check it out .
      that is if you haven't tried eating there .

      about the award ,
      thank you so much for this and i
      will definitely do it .


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