Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Third Divisoria Haul

Been going to Divisoria almost every week this month which is very unusual but still I was happy. Went to 168 Divisoria Mall again because I was waiting for Kheith to arrive.

My first stop was a shop near the escalator named Merry Mix where I bought two sleeveless tops. I bought them for P260 each because I don't know how to haggle. The first top that I bought was an off-white sleeveless top with floral details on the chest area. I've always wanted a top like this and I was so glad that I bought it. The second item that I bought from the same store was a blue sleeveless top with a headset printed on it. I gave out the last blue piece of clothing that I have to my niece so I decided to buy this one and it is so hip and loose which makes it very comfortable to wear.

The next shop that I went to was my favorite shop which is The Pink Shop. They still have the P100 rack so I picked from their huge array of items. The first one that I chose was similar to the three shirts that I bought here last week which is a deep v-necked tee in a dark pink color. I love the soft fabric of the tee and how delicate it is when you wear it. The next top that I bought was a pink and gray striped tank top which is so adorable. I love stripes and this top says it all. It is comfortable and has a candy color which I love.

Lastly was an item for my phone which I bought from a random shop in the 4th floor of the mall. It is a Kate Spade inspired black and white polka dotted phone case which was to die for. I was actually looking for a phone case for my brother's girlfriend when my eyes got locked to this specific phone case. I asked the store keeper about how much will it be and it was for only P200 so I bought it right away. It is so hard to put on and to remove but still it looks chic. I love polka dots more than stripes but I have items that has both prints so that is okay.

That was pretty much all of the items that I bought (unplanned ofcourse ) from 168 Divisoria Mall. I am sure that this won't be my last trip here but still I want to save for future purposes. I recommend going there if you are a fashion shopaholic like me. Stay fab! 

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