Saturday, September 1, 2012

I Never Thought that Roses Could be this Red

My girlfriend Kheith surprised me last August when she came late on our date and bought flowers, not just any flowers but a bouquet of roses. She was the sweetest person that I have ever met. I never expected something like this from her because she wasn't really good at surprises.

We were supposed to meet at 168 Divisoria Mall one day and she was late. I was becoming impatient so I strolled around the mall and began buying unnecessary things thus my fourth Divisoria haul was made possible. I was really annoyed that she hasn't come yet but then when she came and handed me over these roses I was speechless. She even told me how she saw my eyes lit and started to water when she gave me the flowers.

She gave me a couple of roses before but not this many. It was such a sweet gesture that even the flowers are wilted now am still keeping them in my room. The bouquet has white and red roses and was enclosed in a pink wrapper that was adorable. I even joked about it not being red and thus ended up with her buying me another one the week after.

They were red roses and she gave it to me when she fetched me at work. We were at SM Mall of Asia then and she was even shy to hand it over to me. I can see her excitement and I loved the roses that she gave. It was the second bouquet that she gave me and I still have it displayed at our house. It is amazingly gorgeous and I loved everything about it.

I never received roses in my life except from my youngest brother who gave me one white rose on his graduation day which made me cry but not from anyone that I had a relationship with. I was planning on putting the two bouquets on a frame to preserve them both because they meant a lot to me especially because of the fact that these are from the person whom I love the most.

Thank you beb for these and I will cherish it forever.

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