Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My New Pierce

I had a new pierce last week just because I feel like it. I originally have 5 ear piercings and then I decided to even it out and add another one on my left ear. I had it punched at SilverWorks where I had my other piercings. It is not really that even because the 2nd pierce on my left ear is lower than what I wanted but the lower and upper earrings are even

Here is a closer look at my ear lobes. :D

The earrings that I had on are the following: for the uppermost pierce it's the SilverWorks stud (that was used in the pierce gun), next is a pair of star studs by SilverWorks also and lastly are my black roses  from Forever 21.

That is an update on my earrings, which is so random I know, thank you for reading. Love you guys and stay fab!


  1. nice piercings muffin! they look awesome and super cute earrings :)

    1. thank you so much muffin ,
      am planning to buy more earrings soon .
      if i have decided on what to buy .

  2. Your ears are looking good with these nice earrings. Ear piercings is the most traditional way of piercing. I also had have 4 pairs of ear piercing and I love doing it.

    1. it's just my way of expressing myself also .
      and it feels good to have 'em on .


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