Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hair Dilemma

I have tried different hairstyles and colors but am still not satisfied about it. I wanted to change my hair color again and I have a lot of choices.

My hair color now is Copper Brown but my roots are showing so I wanted to have my hair dyed, again, to cover it up. I am still undecided with what specific hair color I want or if I should have full bangs again. I have listed down the hair colors or style that I would want, can you help me decide on what will suit me best?

The first hair color that I would want is from Miley Cyrus (whom I adore so much) before she dyed her hair blonde. I love the highlights and low lights compliment each other and how it blends well. It will be a drastic change because I never had highlights before so this would be a fun color to try.

(kudos to for this photo)

The next hair color and hair style is from Zooey Deschanel. I love this look because the full bangs will cover my huge forehead and the color is warm to the eyes, I think it is chocolate brown. A lot of people say that having full bangs makes me look younger than my age which is good. I will just have to think harder about this.

(kudos to )

The next look is by Miley Cyrus again and this was from way back. I just love the bright copper brown color of her hair that I wasn't able to achieve. I would love to grow my hair this long also, how I wish it was that easy.

Lastly is by Melissa Ricks (which my dad keeps on insisting that I look like her). I just love the simple full bangs with straight jet black hair. I am so confused!

(kudos to her instagram

Help me think of what hairstyle I should sport next, thank you so much! Stay fab.


  1. I like the first Miley Cyrus hair :) I think it'll suit you and open your face up more - not be drowned in your sea of hair! It's what I did recently :)

    The Misty Mom

    1. maybe i should ,
      i haven't had highlights before .
      am not sure if it'll really suit me .
      there's no harm in trying .
      ehehe .

  2. Hi Keyti Berry, I agree with Shari I like also the first photo of Miley Cyrus. I followed you dear, hope you follow back.

    1. already following you glenn ,
      'cuz i love your blog!

      i loved the 1st look also ,
      thank you so much for
      the suggestion .
      it really helped .
      i will post my new look as soon as
      i've had it done .

  3. i like zooey's hair :D its so cute >w<



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