Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Little Coral Please

I have been loving the color coral lately and I am obsessed with it. I have a few items in my wardrobe that are in the coral family. I love how feminine the color is and how it looks on me. Normally I wouldn't wear anything that is that bright but there is something about this color that makes it above the rest.

Since I am loving this color, I searched around the internet for items that I would want to have that are in the coral color family.

The first thing that I love wearing are coral nails and I browsed through the internet and saw this fabulous nail color which is Bright Lights - Big Color by OPI. When I saw this I immediately fell in love with it, it's a good thing that they sell OPI polishes here in the Philippines and I will definitely buy this specific color. I have tried OPI before when my mum and I went to Nailaholic to have our nails done and they used these nail polishes and it lasted for quite a long time.

The next item is a Michael Kors Rose Gold watch that is to die for. I've seen my favorite YouTube guru Heart of Thatsheart wearing this and I loved it. It is masculine because of its size but the rose gold tone of it gives it a feminine touch and of course it is almost a coral color. I would want to have a boyfriend watch like this even a dupe because obviously I cannot afford to buy the original one because am not rich. (giggles)

I love wearing shirts because they are comfortable and you can layer on the accessories and any piece of clothing on top of it. I have been buying v-neck shirts from the Pink Shop at 168 Divisoria Mall and I am still looking for a coral shirt there but I wasn't able to find one. I will go back there every now and then if they'll have corals on their racks.

Shorts are one of the staple items in my closet and having them in the coral shade will be so much amazing. It gives a pop of color to the whole look and looks chic. Whether denim, lace or scalloped no matter what style or fabric it is as long as it's coral I will definitely go for it. It is good to have a bold color in an outfit to make you stand out.

Lastly, coral skinny jeans because I adore colored jeans. It is a sexy color which will really bring out a gorgeous pop of color. I can pear it with anything and is really chic.

That is basically all about my coral addiction. Stay fab!

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