Saturday, September 22, 2012

Get Motivated, Be Fit

I have gained a lot of weight in the past few months and I think it has to do with me working at a Call Center. I gained at least 10lbs and I wasn't able to shed it because I am too lazy to exercise. I have been watching Jarmaine's videos for quite some time now but I have just seen a video of her on how to be motivated to be fit. I watched it the other night and I had an epiphany. (if that is what it's called)

On the video, she discussed about what you should do to motivate yourself, actually about life, and how to achieve your goal. She started off with something simple like a Dream Wall you should put your dreams and what you want to achieve in a span of five years or so. It was a good idea because you could see it everyday and it will make you feel encouraged to reach for it. She is such a great role model, she is so humble.

Here is the video that I was talking about.

In her sexy loser series, that is also found in her channel, you could see her doing exercise for a specific body part. She even shares her favorite healthy foods and what she eats on a daily basis. I also loved the fact that she has one day filled with calories. Every Sunday she eats all her favorite food, just like burgers, which fills her cholesterol cravings but then goes back to her daily exercise and food routine the whole week.

This really motivated me to be healthy and fit too. I started running on the treadmill this afternoon and it felt so good. I promise to live a healthier life from this day forth. Wish me luck!

Thank you so much for reading this loves, stay safe and stay fab!


  1. I have the same dilemma! I've been a call center agent for 5years and counting. From 26 to 34-inch waist line - very alarming! Thanks for sharing this awesome video! ヅ

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    Thanks! ヅ

    1. am glad that this post helped you dear ,
      just have faith and be motivated .

    2. Thanks Keyti! ヅ
      Glad to follow you back thru GFC#27.
      We can also follow each other on Bloglovin, FB, Tumblr & Twitter if you want! ヅ

    3. i followed you on bloglovin too dear .

    4. maraming salamat Keyti! followed you back on Bloglovin#3! ヅ


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