Sunday, September 23, 2012

Filling Your Brows

I have very sparse eyebrows that is why I did my best to learn about filling my brows in. I started doing it this year and I think that I am doing a good job with it. I have used a couple of products already to fill my brows with and I will list all of them here. I learned it by watching some of the beauty gurus on YouTube and they really helped me a lot. I am still looking for more ways on how to fill in my brows and how to shape them properly and YouTube has been my go to site for that.

I just found a new beauty guru, her name is Leina, and she is Filipina-Spanish which is awesome. I saw her video on how she does her eyebrows and I was very eager to try it myself. She has sparse eyebrows just like mine and unlike what I have seen from other gurus, the way that she did her brows where different but the thing that binds all of them together is that most of them are using the same eyebrow palette which is by ELF so I would want to try that also.

This is her Updated Eyebrow Routine.

I usually follow the shape of my eye in drawing my eyebrows and I try my best to make both of them look even. Just like what Jarmaine said in one of her videos, "eyebrows are sisters, not twins" so I make sure that they are even but not exactly alike because that is impossible. I also let my mum look at it just to make sure that they look okay.

Here are the products that I have used for my eyebrows. I am currently using the Easy Eyebrow Pencil by Etude House and I love that it has a built in brush to feather the product. I bring this with me just in case I need to touch up my eyebrows. I had it in Brown because it is two shades lighter than my hair color.

This is what my mum is using right now and I use it whenever I am in a hurry because it is in my mum's dresser. I love that it glides smoothly on my brows and the color is close to my hair color which is good. It has a good quality and it lasts for a long time and it is in the shade Chestnut.

I would want to try an eyebrow kit for a change and I think that ELF will be a good start. I just need to go to SM Mall of Asia to buy that because there are no ELF counters here. If you have any other tips for me on how I should draw my eyebrows feel free to leave a comment below.

Thank you so much loves for reading my post and stay fab!


  1. i'm also using nichido pencil :D also their liquid eyeliner! new follower btw :)


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