Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Closer Look on Ms. Heart D.

I just adore Filipina beauty gurus on YouTube and I have already posted about my first fave guru which is Jarmaine who is so quirky and fun. The next beauty guru that I will be posting about is Heart of ThatsHeart and she is another gorgeous Filipina guru and I love that she speaks Tagalog in some of her videos. She is very family oriented and she loves her roots.

I have been her subscriber for months now and I just adore her cute and bubbly personality. The first video that I saw of her was her Filipino Tag where she said a whole sentence in our native language which is awesome. I also subscribed to her vlog channel where she posts videos of her family and her boyfriend. I even love her dog Junior who is so adorable.

Her voice is just addictive and it fits her petite frame. I adore the way she styles her looks and that she buys from local boutiques and thrift stores which is awesome. It just goes to show how down to earth she is.

(she is simple and gorgeous)

I learned a lot about makeup, hair, fashion and how to organize my bedroom. She did her room tour and I fell in love with it so it made me more eager to organize my room. If she can organize her why can't I right?

This is her No Make-Up Challenge video. You should watch this because it really shows that she is having fun doing it, she is just the cutest.

And this is how she does her signature Messy Hair Bun.

And this is her awesome Room Tour.

That is it about my feature on the lovely Heart and will be posting more like this soon. Thank you so much for reading loves. Stay fab!


  1. She is gorgeous indeed!

    There´s a great Double Giveaway from L´Oreal + Cruciani bracellets on the blog, check it out and participate if you want =)


  2. she is so pretty :)
    I love her!

    1. i mean what's not to
      love about her .
      she is lovable .


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