Saturday, September 15, 2012

DIY Room Decor

I have been obsessing with DIYs lately and I have been scouring the internet to find the perfect ideas for my room. I have been an avid YouTube fan so I also look for ideas there and I find a lot of ideas there that will really make my room stand out.

I just saw this on YouTube by Andrea of AndreasChoice. This is such a great idea for such small spaces as mine and the decors are stunning. I just love the vintage picture frame and how she transformed it to this chic chalkboard. I would want to have this in my room and right power words such as "courage" and "confidence".

The idea of putting on a curtain in between two beds is such a great trick. I would want to have something like it but in a canopy style. I am so eager to organize my room and do these decors. I am so excited!

This is the video of the DIY and it is a must watch.

This will be such a great addition to my room and this will also help a lot with my passion with art also. Thank you so much for reading loves. Stay fab!


  1. Such a nice video. I am also planning to add up something in my room. I really thought she was Beyonce/Sarah Jessica Parker! lol sounds like I've slept too much... I am glad to found your blog! Following you def! :) Stay fab too. xx

    1. thank you so much for following dear ,
      and am so glad that you liked this video .

  2. Thanks a lot for the kind comment & the follow!!! Following you back on GFC and following also on Bloglovin ( #1!!! ), I'll appreciate if you'll have time to follow me back also on Bloglovin!!! xoxo

  3. Omg! I loved the video! +.+
    If you have time, I'd love to know your opinion about my fashion blog. It's all about my style and preferences! :)
    Luzia M.


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