Thursday, August 23, 2012

When Keyti Berry Met Katy Perry-ish ( March 2011 )

I have always wanted to post this photo but never had the chance to do so. Now, I am not only posting the photo but writing a blog about it also. This was taken last March when my daughter (not biologically of course) had her debut and was excited to be there that after my training at Telus, I almost flew just to be there on time. I have her circle lenses with me so I had to be there.

She was so stunning, enchanting and really did look like Katy Perry. Her outfit was breathtaking, it really fits her personality well, I almost did not recognize her. She was so pretty, and she should be, because that is her very special day. Her party's theme was a children's party. Everyone was on their best kiddie attire and what did I wear? I wore a school girl uniform, but I put a jacket to cover up because my belly button was showing.

Wait a minute, this post isn't about me, it's about Mac, my beautiful daughter. Debut or not, with or without make up, she is precious to me and is the most beautiful girl ever. She is down-to-earth and bubbly that is why a lot of people wants to be friends with her. There isn't any dull moment when I am with this girl. Though we've met for just a short time, still those moments were cherished. And with our signature winged eyeliner, we are inseparable. I love Mac so much. Hoping to spend more time with her.

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